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RELCON - a new name for an old and familiar face.

38 years local and an integral part of the construction industry within the Townsville region for more than 13 years, RELCON can be trusted to get the job done right - first time!

RELCON offers superior knowledge and advice from trade qualified staff who possess an eye for detail. 
Our motto is to do things above and beyond and more is simply and definitely... more. We are fussy and we are thorough and take great pride in our work.

With a range of expert finishes, RELCON offers  fresh ideas to your new home or existing projects. We can cut out the middle man on many projects and keep prices low and the quality high.

We are bringing back the service customers expect and deserve while also raising the bar to a standard beyond compare.
Rohan Rees
The man behind RELCON
Rohan Rees is an expert concreter who is in demand by 'in-the-know' builders and construction companies.

Rohan's work is of exceptional standard and his understanding of the concrete construction process is second to none.

Rohan is also an expert landscape artist possessing a Diploma of Horticulture among other highly regarded qualifications.

This holds Rohan in good stead allowing him to offer informed and expert advice on your next concreting project.